Welcome to Chris Gurniak Studios
Art and Music for Heart and Soul!

The wood flute in the expert hands of Chris Gurniak is the perfect instrument for bringing peace to mind, body and soul. Inspiration for Chris's  music comes from Chris's desire to live life simply. In a world getting increasingly faster and louder Chris has chosen to live her life slower and quieter. This is reflected in what Chris refers to as quiet music. Quiet music focuses on simple, clear melodies meant to nourish the soul. Listen to Chris's music on your favorite streaming platform.

Chris considers herself a mindful doodler and loves how art makes her feel like a child again. We are all running around doing so much adulting that we forget how to have fun. Art puts Chris back in touch with her inner child where circles, lines and dots come together to create playful images.  Chris's art is available for purchase on Fine Art America.

Allow yourself some time to explore Chris's art and music and see what it does for your heart and soul.